Meet the BMW X7 Pickup Truck Concept

    July 6th 2019     Suhail Ajmal

Meet the Bavarian’s company’s never-to-be-repeated vehicle, the BMW X7 Pickup Truck concept, created by vocational trainees by getting help from the Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions at the BMW Munich plant. The one-off vehicle will make debut at the BMW Motorrad Days. The trainees used an X7 pre-production test vehicle and played with it to produce this five-seat truck. They employed CFRP for a few parts on the roof, rear doors, and cargo to create the cargo bed. In the process, they managed to reduce the X7 weight by 200 kilograms. The concept truck shows a BMW F 850 GS bike standing on its bed. BMW says both these vehicles are “faithful companions” – owing to “their excellent driving characteristics both on paved and unpaved roads, the journey is the destination.” The production team took ten months to complete this project. The trainees got a little help from the experts. The bad news is, the truck will not go into production.