Mercedes Benz S Class Pullman arriving in May 2014

    June 18th 2013     Johny Giacaman

A new report indicates the Maybach-replacing Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman will be unveiled in May 2014.   As most of you know, the new S-Class sedan is available with a short wheelbase measuring 3035mm (119.4 inches). There's also the LWB variant that has a 3165mm (124.6 inches) wheelbase. Next year these two will be joined by an even longer model which will reportedly have a 300mm-350mm (11.8-13.7 inches) longer wheelbase. In other words, the S-Class Pullman will have a 3465mm-3515mm (136.4-138.3) wheelbase and will be almost 6 meters (236.2 inches) long.   Aimed primarily at the Chinese market where LWB models are extremely popular, Maybach's spiritual successor will allegedly have opposite rear seats so there will be three rows of seats.   Aside from these three versions of the S-Class, there will also be a convertible, a coupe along with a sixth variant which some say will be a four-door coupe.