New Bentley Flying Spur’s Rear Cabin Takes Luxury to New Level

    August 24th 2020     Suhail Ajmal

The new Bentley Flying Spur is no doubt the most advanced Bentley ever built and its main philosophy is passenger convenience both in the front and the back. Focusing on the rear cabin, the automaker has introduced optional Rear Seat Entertainment tablets, audio choices up to the famous Naim, and an onboard two-bottle drinks cooler. The new refrigerator situated between the rear seats at the back of the center armrest offers cooling from +6°C to -6°C and can house six 330ml soft drinks, four 500ml bottles, or two big sized (750ml) beverage bottles. “The interior of the Bentley Flying Spur is a striking combination of the very latest integrated technology, beautiful materials, and design prowess. It is progressive but retains a timeless quality that will still be stylish and appealing for decades to come,” says Brett Boydell, Head of Interior Design for the Flying Spur. The multi-functional five-inch color Touch Screen Remote mounted in the rear of the center console allows for the Touch Screen Remote glides and the has the ability to control climate control, window blinds as well as the movement of the Flying B bonnet mascot. Other salient features include 14-way adjustment and five massage modes for rear seats, which are also ventilated and heated with electrically controlled headrests. For the best in-car entertainment, the new Bentley Flying Spur offers Naim for Bentley sound system with a 2,200 Watt 21-channel amplifier and a system of 19 speakers and two seat-mounted bass transducers, with eight DSP sound modes and well-lit speaker grilles. Customers can enhance the rear-seat entertainment by opting for a pair of tablets fixed at the back of the front seats. These 10.2” Android tablets are removable offering 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. The interior is further adorned with beautiful materials and innovative designs. There is almost an infinite number of ways customers can customize the rear cabin. “We wanted to take our tradition of quilting and push the envelope by moving the game on to the next level. The introduction of 3D leather quilting was a ground-breaking process – a totally fresh idea that had never been seen before,” says Boydell. Source and Images: Bentley Middle East